What Workshop Participants Say


“France seems to embody  the gracefulness of kind and honest clear expression and makes a container of  tenderness that allowed me to feel more fully and be more present and mindful in my learning.”
A Relationship and Business Coach

“You are making a profound difference in so many lives. You share your unconditional love in such a way in a profound way during the workshop that all the participants leave more open to love in their hearts forever forward.  I like to think of the ripple effect your work in having to change the world for the better one heart at a time.
You do so much good in the world.”
Advanced Workshop Participant

“France’s gentle, non-judgmental RE coaching, plus her enthusiasm and expertise, have dramatically improved my significant relationships since I began working with her 15+ years ago. I appreciate how her providing lots of opportunities to practice RE skills has helped me keep opening my mind and heart, and France’s inspiring mentor-ship has empowered me to keep going beyond my comfort level. And France even manages to make working with her on challenging issues fun!

I see France as a “national treasure,” because she embodies what she teaches – helping us all live together better.”

Joan Truesdell
Certified in Relationship Enhancement®

“I loved how professional the leaders were.”
Workshop Participant