From our birth to our death, relationships, all kinds of relationships, are crucial to our growth, our well-being, and even to our longevity.  They can be absolutely wonderful, adding love and joy and a sense of deep connection to our lives, … or there can be difficult, conflictual, even toxic, … and everything in between.

Wherever you are in your life, you can improve, deepen, or heal your relationships with the set of simple tools and practices shown by Relationship Enhancement®.

Relationship Enhancement® has been shown by research to be a very effective approach to creating, deepening, and healing relationships. What makes it so powerful is that it not only teaches good relationship skills, it helps people to integrate them into their everyday life through a lot of practice and close, supportive coaching.

“It opened my heart.” 

“RE got us to be more connected with each other than we had been in 50 years of marriage.”

“It gave me a way to be more authentic.”

~Workshop Participants


“France seems to embody  the gracefulness of kind and honest clear expression and makes a container of  tenderness that allowed me to feel more fully and be more present and mindful in my learning.”
A Relationship and Business Coach

“You are making a profound difference in so many lives. You share your unconditional love in such a way in a profound way during the workshop that all the participants leave more open to love in their hearts forever forward.  I like to think of the ripple effect your work in having to change the world for the better one heart at a time.
You do so much good in the world.”
Advanced Workshop Participant

“France’s gentle, non-judgmental RE coaching, plus her enthusiasm and expertise, have dramatically improved my significant relationships since I began working with her 15+ years ago. I appreciate how her providing lots of opportunities to practice RE skills has helped me keep opening my mind and heart, and France’s inspiring mentor-ship has empowered me to keep going beyond my comfort level. And France even manages to make working with her on challenging issues fun!

I see France as a “national treasure,” because she embodies what she teaches – helping us all live together better.”

Joan Truesdell
Certified in Relationship Enhancement®

“I loved how professional the leaders were.”
Workshop Participant

What Workshop Participants Say


I really enjoyed the RE workshop! Your deep wisdom, warmth, and kindness came through. I was so impressed with the way you handled everything from start to finish. I felt at ease right from the start!  This is one of the best run and most useful workshops I have attended.  I am happy that my time was well spent learning something useful personally and professionally.”                                                                                                          A Therapist

I have found that doing couples work with clients who have attended your workshops have enhanced the couples therapy that I provide.

I value your work and see the benefit of sending my couples to be trained by you.

Lisa J Johnson, Ph.D., LMFT
Making Relationships a Priority

What Therapists Say