2018. Portrait

France Sarradon, MA, LPCC, LMFT

Clinical Director of the RE® Institute of NM,
co-founder and Scientific Director of the “Institut Francophone de la RElation®”,
co-founder and Master Trainer of Listen Up! (RE® in the Workplace).

France Sarradon, MA, LPCC, LMFT, leads Relationship Enhancement® Trainings and Supervisions for Mental Health Professionals and other community leaders, and RE® workshops for individuals, couples and organizations, in the US, France and Canada.  She has integrated into her practice a wide variety of approaches, her multicultural dimension and more than 45 years of experience.

As a Counselor:
What started my passion for Relationship Enhancement® is how it took me by the hand and showed me, step by step, how to deepen my empathy and sharpen my expression:
–  Daring to go into the other’s world to see, touch and taste what their experience is like, without ever losing my own…
–  Learning to get clear and fully express myself, my perceptions, my thoughts, my feelings, my desires and fears, my experience in a way that the other can and want to hear instead of getting defensive…
–  Being able to differentiate and separate when I listen and when I speak, so that both people are fully heard…
–  Being able to have deep and meaningful discussions with the people with whom I want to develop more understanding …
–  Feeling I can safely address issues and differences, and not only trust but have the tools for us to find or create, together, solutions that address both our sets of needs …
Those are beautiful skills which allow us to deepen our intimacy with the people we choose, and make our interactions with others smoother and more rewarding.
And … I can still choose when and with whom I engage in this process, or not …

As a photographer:
I was born in Marseille, in the South of France, on the Mediterranean Sea. That was a good start for the appreciation of beauty!  Both my parents were also keenly sensitive to beauty and to the arts.  I owe to them to have known museums and ancient monuments, churches and castles, but also the natural beauty of the sea, drift wood, old shoes, tables decorated for the holidays and food that was as delicious to see as it was to eat … I first came to the US in 1968, and moved to New Mexico in 1972.
I have great passion for photography which came from the need to share the way I see and revel in the world around me.  I have traveled extensively over several continents, but some of my most interesting discoveries are in the every day universe that surrounds me.   I have found and photographed beauty in the most mundane objects:  the end of a roll of toilet paper, a footprint, old shoes, in rusted pieces of metal, on old boats, in the bark of  trees or pebbles on a dirt road, the sunlight on a wall … I finally “came out” as a photographer in 1998.  I became a member of the Rainbow Artists Collective.
I am infinitely grateful to my family, my friends and the Rainbow Artists for all their contributions to my “seeing things” and now to sharing them!

LPCC # 626, LMFT # 665
6501, 4th Street, NW, Suite E-3
Albuquerque, NM 87107, USA
Phone: (505) 344-9977

University of New Mexico, 1974.  M.A. in Guidance and Counseling
Paris and Strasbourg Universities, France, 1968.  Diplôme Universitaire d’ Etudes Litéraires, Major:  Psychology

Aix-Marseille University, France, 1966.  Baccalauréat, Majors:  Sciences and Philosophy, with Honors


 1990-Present:  Private Practice as Counselor
Clinical Director of the NM Institute of  Relationship Enhancement®
Co-founder & Scientific Director  of IFRE (the Institut Francophone RE®)
Co-founder and Master Trainer of Listen Up! (a training program in solution oriented interactions for the workplace)
Counseling adults, in individual sessions, couples and other relationships, groups and workshops

Consultations for businesses and organizations
Training Therapists and group leaders. Supervision
Leading workshops and conferences in the USA, in France and Canada
Translated and introduced RE® and published  in France
1976-1990:  Counselor at the Albuquerque Counseling Cooperative
1974-1976:  Activities Therapist at the Bernalillo County Mental Health/Mental Retardation Center, Inpatient Units

Relationship Enhancement®:  Certified Relationship Enhancement Faculty Member, Supervisor and Couples/Marital Therapist;  Training Workshops with  Bernard Guerney and Maryhelen Snyder

AEDP:   Workshops, Masterclass, monthly group.  Ronald Frederick, Benjamin Lipton, Natasha Prenn

Mindfulness in Clinical Practice: Donald Atman, Jack Kornfield, Daniel Seigel

EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing):  Level I & Level II Trainings.  EMDR with Depression
Two Advanced week-long EMDR Retreats with Francine Shapiro. Lisa Johnson & Peggy Moore

Hakomi:  2 years of intensive training and four workshops;  week-long Training in “Working with Couples using Hakomi Methods” with Devi Records

Family Therapy:  one year Training and direct Supervision with Braulio Montalvo;  one year Training with Lee Maxwell; 3 months Didactic Seminar with Braulio Montalvo;  one year observation and discussions with Theodora Abel;  workshops by Virginia Satyr, Minuchin, Jay Haley, Chloe Madanes, Whitaker, Fishman

Radix:  6 months intensive Training and Supervision with Bob Edwards;  Training group with Becky Bosch; Workshops with Bosch, Renan, Edwards

Psychodrama:  six residential Workshops with Eya Branham;  one year Seminar with Eya Branham;  2 years of Clinical use and Supervision with Eya Branham and Alex Quenck;  Workshops with Zerka Moreno, Blatner, Branham, Díaz

Reevaluation Counseling:  ten years of classes and workshops;  Certified Teacher and Alternate Area Reference Person

Gestalt Therapy and Transactional Analysis:  Intensive one month Residential Workshop, Switzerland, leaders trained by Esalen Institute; Seminar in TA; Workshops with Laura Perls, Rae Perls, Stephen Perls

Art Therapy:  Art Therapy year-long group with Paula Banek;  Assisted then led Art Therapy groups for BCMHC patients; Workshops with Banek, Abenante, Lepeshki

Movement Therapy:  year-long group with Carolina Yahné;  groups with Gwenyth Lewis;  Workshop with Anne Helprin; co-led Movement Therapy groups at BCMHC and in private practice

Sex Therapy:  Training Workshops and groups with Caplan, Scott, Gilbert, McMain, Fashing;  Training Workshop in “Sex Therapy for the Disabled”;  “Counseling Lesbian Clients on Sexuality” with Loulan

Special Topics:  Adult Children of Alcoholics/Dysfunctional Families;  Survivors of Incest and Sexual Abuse;  Multicultural Issues;  Mediation;  Attachment;  Trauma First Aid;  Peter Levine trauma work;  Brain Research in Clinical Treatment (Daniel Siegel)

Relationship Enhancement® Workshops

  • Experiential Presentations of RE®
  • Basic Workshops for Individuals and Couples
  • Advanced Workshops
  • Training Workshops for Professionals
  • Supervision/Consultation sessions for Professionals
  • Training Workshops and groups for Businesses, Organizations, and Community Leaders
  • Certification in RE®
  • Group Supervision/Consultation

Private Practice (using RE®, EMDR, AEDP, Hakomi and other approaches)

  • Individual sessions
  • Couples and other relationships sessions
  • Individual Supervisions