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The Workshops are given by France Sarradon and various co-leaders unless specified otherwise. All Workshops will take place online with Zoom.


2-Day Workshop
Day 1: tbd
Day 2: tbd
13 CEUs
*The Experiential Workshop is a pre-requisite for all other professional workshops


For time and place
Contact Charey Fox via text at (505) 991-0839


To be arranged  3.5 CEUs
Contact France Sarradon at (505) 344-9977


2-Day Workshop
Day 1: Saturday, May 6, 2023, 9:30 am – 5:30 pm MDT
Day 2: Saturday, May 13, 2023, 9:30 am – 5:30 pm MDT
13 CEUs
*Pre-requisite: Experiential Workshop


Please call to confirm and register
Contact France Sarradon at (505) 344-9977
First Friday of each month (unless told otherwise), 10 am – 12 noon MDT


Call France Sarradon: at (505) 344-9977 or send an e-mail message to: france.sarradon.re@gmail.com, with “RE Workshops” in the Subject line.

Workshop participants have said … “It opened my heart.”  “RE got us to be more connected with each other than we had been in 50 years of marriage.” “It gave me a way to be more authentic.”

Relationship Enhancement® has been shown by research to be a very effective approach to creating, deepening, and healing relationships.  What makes it so powerful is that it not only teaches good relationship skills, it helps people to integrate them into their everyday life through a lot of practice and close, supportive coaching.

Relationship Enhancement® Workshops: call me, France Sarradon at (505) 344-9977 if you are interested in attending one (or several) of the workshops or know somebody who may be interested.  Each Workshop gives CEUs to Counselors and Social Workers.

The Experiential Workshops are open to everyone who register (individuals, couples, other relationships, communities, and organizations).  We encourage you to sign up with someone else, a life partner, friend, sibling, or co-worker, so you have someone to keep practicing the skills with.  Though you can also come by yourself, and you can still practice in the practice groups or on your own. 

It will be followed, for those who want to learn more, practice their skills, and deepen their understanding, through half-day RE Workshops on specific themes. These workshops are open to those who have previously attended an Experiential RE Workshop.

There will also be Professional Workshops for those who want further training and to use RE professionally (as Counselor, Social Worker, Human Relations Specialist, Manager, or Mediator…).  The Professional Workshops are open to people who have previously attended an Experiential Workshop.  It can lead to Certification as a Relationship Enhancement® Therapist or Group Leader, Supervisor, and Trainer.

The Therapists Advanced Workshops that follow teach advanced skills for those who have previously taken Professional Workshops.

Supervision/Consultation is open to people after taking the Professional Workshop.  They can be attended for themselves and as part of the Certification process

The Practice Groups are open to people who have attended an Experiential Workshop.  Contact Charey Fox via text at (505) 991-0839.

Relationship Enhancement® Workshops are offered on an ongoing basis (call me for the dates).  Other formats of Training (e.g. in groups over several weeks, practice groups, individual or couples counseling sessions, and in-house training for your company or organization) can be organized to fit your needs. All of the workshops can be revised or modified to fit your specific situation. We are open to suggestions.

Let me know if you are interested or want me to contact others.  And feel free to forward this message and print, post, or share the flyers.

Call me at:   (505) 344-9977  
Send me an e-mail at: france.sarradon.re@gmail.com

Thank you, and I look forward to hearing from you,

France Sarradon, MA, LPCC, LMFT                                                                                                           
Clinical Director of the NM Relationship Enhancement® Institute
Co-Founder and Scientific Director of IFRE (Francophone Institute of RE, France)
Co-Founder and Master Trainer of Listen Up! (Training in interactions for the workplace)